Prayer Cycle May 11

This week we pray for the Diocese of Southwark (Church of England), Bishop Christopher Chessun, Bishop Richard Cheetham, Bishop Jonathan Clark, Bishop Michael Ipgrave and for the Diocese of Björgvin (Church of Norway), Bishop Halvor Nordhaug

Prayer Cycle April 27

This week we pray for the Diocese of Blackburn (Church of England), Bishop Julian Henderson, Bishop Geoffrey Pearson, Bishop John Goddard, the Diocese of Brechin (Scottish Episcopal Church), Bishop Nigel Peyton and The Lutheran Church in Great Britain, Bishop Martin Lind.

Prayer Cycle April 20

This week we pray for Diocese of Derby (Church of England), Bishop Alastair Redfern, Bishop Humphrey Southern, for the Diocese of Clogher (Church of Ireland), Bishop John McDowell and for the Diocese of Aalborg (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark), Bishop Henning Toft Bro