Dioceses and parishes that have made twinning agreements exchange visits. Sometimes visits are also done outside the framework of twinnings, for example when youth from one church is invited to another Porvoo church. The church of Finland has for example organized study trips for youth and educational workers to Britain. The Peter Fjellstedt foundation has also organized visits for lutheran pastors and deans to the UK and the church of Sweden has invited youth from the Lucitanian church to youth events in Sweden.

An example comes from the diocese of Helsinki which has had regular relationship with the Dioceses of Portsmouth and St. Albans in the Church of England. There have been e.g. common ecumenical confirmation camps, employee training, church worker exchange and employee meetings and connections with the education work of the Church of England. Together with the Secretariat for Education a co-operation network has been built and in the autumn in 2005 and 2006 seminars were organized which concentrated on confirmation teaching.