The Porvoo Churches commit themselves in the Porvoo Agreement:

  • to share a common life in mission and service, to pray for and with one another, and to share resources;
  • to welcome one another’s members to receive sacramental and other pastoral ministrations;
  • to regard baptized members of all our churches as members of our own;
  • to welcome diaspora congregations into the life of the indigenous churches, to their mutual enrichment;
  • to welcome persons episcopally ordained in any of our churches to the office of bishop, priest or deacon to serve, by invitation and in accordance with any regulations which may from time to time be in force, in that ministry in the receiving church without re-ordination;

For the member of a Porvoo church this means that they can become members of the congregations of other Porvoo churches, that their baptism and confirmation is recognized and that they can enjoy the services of these churches. Above, you will find information on some of these.

It also means that pastors in one Porvoo church can serve in another Porvoo church, subject to regulations in that church. Many pastors and deacons have enjoyed the enriching privilege of serving another Porvoo church, either for a short while or for several year.