Conferences and consultations are important part of the work og the Porvoo communion. Theological Conferences are held every four years and Conferences on Interfaith, and on Diakonia have been held several times. Church Leaders meet every four years for a consultion.
This page provides various information about these meetings and documents from the meetings.

Church Leaders’ Consultations

Church Leaders’ Consultation are held every four years. Leaders from the Porvoo churches, ordained and lay people discuss common issues and give guidelines for the work ahead. The first meeting was held in Turku, Finland in 1998.
See lists and material from the consultations.

Theological Conferences

Porvoo Theological conferences are held every four years. The Porvoo Common Statement reminds the churches of their common calling to mission and service; in pursuit of that calling, the churches are committed to common theological consultation.  The first Theological Conference was held in Durham, England, in September 2000 and, as one of its recommendations, encouraged specific initiatives to “offer theological tools … to address diversity in the local context”.  The Skálholt Consultation 2004 met in fulfilment of these purposes. The third conference took up a challenge from the Church Leaders’ Consultation in Cardiff of Living together with differences exploring questions of ethics and communion.
See lists and material from the conferences.

Consultations on Diakonia

The Porvoo Declaration states that the churches commit themselves “to work towards a common understanding of diaconal ministry”. Two consultations have been held on the issue. The first focused on the understanding of the office of the diaconate the second explored the meaning of diaconia in a wider context.
See lists and material from the consultations.

Inter-Faith Consultations

Four Inter-Faith Consultations have been held and there is interest for ongoing work in this field. The first consultation was held in England in 2002, the second in Oslo, Norway in 2003, the third in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008 and the fourth in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2011. The second Consultation produced Guidelines for Inter-Faith Encountere in the Churches of the Porvoo Communion.  The fourth consultation worked further along the guidelines.
See further information on Inter-Faith Consultations.

Consultation on Churches Responding to Conflict

The Porvoo Leadership Meeting in Sigtuna, March 2010, asked the Porvoo churches to work further with the theme of living in communion with differences, questions of consulting with each other and solving conflict. A Consultation on Churches responding to conflict was held in  in Tallin, February 2011.
See a communiqué from the consultation.
See a summary from the consultation.

Consultation on Economics and Ethics

See the final report from the consultation