“Tools of discipleship” Theological conference, Skálholt, Iceland, 23 – 27 September 2004

Theologians of the Anglican and Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Communion met from 23 to 27 September at Skálholt, hosted by the Church of Iceland. Their report states that:

The Porvoo Common Statement reminds the churches of their common calling to mission and service; in pursuit of that calling, the churches are committed to common theological consultation.  The first Theological Conference was held in Durham, England, in September 2000 and, as one of its recommendations, encouraged specific initiatives to “offer theological tools … to address diversity in the local context”.  The Skálholt Consultation 2004 met in fulfilment of these purposes.

We came together to pray, study and discuss Tools for Discipleship – The Vocation and Mission of the Whole People of God: Our Common Challenge.


Press releases from the conference

We received five major presentations,  and which we commend to all the churches for further study:
The European Context – Current Challenges Professor Grace Davie, England
The Cultural Context  – Church Values and Popular Culture Revd Professor Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm,  Sweden
The Theological Context – The Relation Between Mission and Ministry Revd Prebendary Dr Paul Avis, England
New Ways of Reaching Post-Modern Society Revd Professor Heikki Kotila, Finland
The Anthropological Context – Christian Vocation in the Family Revd Erling Pettersen, Norway

Dr. Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm: Church Values and popular Culture

Dr. Grace Davie: From Obligation to Consumption, Patterns of Religion in Northern Europe at that start of the 21st Century.

Dr. Erling J. Pettersen: The Antropological Context – Christian Vocation in the Family

Dr. Heikki Kotila: New ways of reaching post-modern society

Dr. Paul Avis: Mission and Ministry


Bible studies by Professor John Riches

I. Crosstalk: Mark 2:13-17

II. Talks Interrupted; Mark 6:30 – 44

III. Talking back; Mark 7:24-30