Anglican-Lutheran Society

The Anglican-Lutheran Society was started in 1984 by two friends.  One was an Anglican and the other, Lutheran.  They both realised that neither knew very much about the other’s church tradition and thought it a good idea to form a society that would bring Anglicans and Lutherans together so that they could get to know each other.

The Society quickly became established in the UK.  Whilst it was not originally intended for professional ecumenists, some have joined and their contribution is invaluable.  But its primary focus is on members of church congregations interested in learning about a tradition different from their own, but in many ways very similar.

Members are encouraged to pray for the unity of the Church, and especially between Anglicans and Lutherans, to develop opportunities for common worship, study, friendship and witness, and to do all they can to promote a wider interest in, and knowledge of, our two traditions, and the contemporary developments affecting them.

Over time the membership has increased and extended beyond the shores of the UK into 29 countries, the majority being found in Scandinavia and the Nordic and Baltic countries, Germany, the North America.  We hold an Annual Meeting which always focuses around a topic, and includes worship and plenty of time for socialising, and every other year a conference takes place, the venues alternating between the UK and other European countries.

A newsletter, The Window, keeps members up to date with developments in ecumenical relationships between our two Church traditions, and between Anglicans and Lutherans and other denominations.  It also reports the many and various ways in which members make good use of the opportunities for cooperation and joint activities made possible by such agreements as Meissen and Porvoo in Europe and ‘Called to Common Mission’ and the Waterloo Declaration in the USA and Canada.

New members are always welcome, and much more information is available on the website