Interchange in Porvoo is found on various levels, from twinning of parishes or dioceses to conferences and meetings, invitations to ordinations and leadership consultations.

Examples of twinnings, visits and conferences are found on the website.


The Porvoo Communion organizes conferences regularly on issues that concern the communion. Information and material from conferences is awailable on the website from the links above and also under history and resources.


Apart from formal conferences the Porvoo Communion has organized meetings of people working in different fields of Church life, such as youth work, education and information. Information about these meetings can be found here.


To fulfill the commitment to growing together as a communion of churches, the Porvoo churches are encouraged to establish diocesan or parish links with other churches within the communion. Many such links have been established since the beginning of Porvoo. You can find information about existing twinnings here.


Visits and exchange are among the ways that dioceses and parishes carry out their twinning agreements. On the visits page you can find some stories from such visits.

The Porvoo Research Network – PoReNe

A research network was established by a group of Nordice and British scholars working on Anglican-Lutheran issues. The research network has had several conferences. Papers from these conferences are awailable on the PoReNe site.

The Anglo-Nordic-Baltic Theological Conference

The respective churches commonly use the Conferences as a way of introducing Lutherans to Anglicans, and Anglicans to Lutherans, in the Nordic-Baltic context. There is a tradition of hospitality and preaching in churches of the host country. The Conference serves as a forum in which delegates from member churches can meet, talk and do theology as members of the same family. More about the history. See also the blog: