Which churches belong to the Porvoo Communion?

Belonging to the Porvoo Communion are six Anglican churches, four on the British Isles and two on the Iberia peninsula and nine Lutheran churches, five in the Nordic countries, two in the Baltics, one in Great Britain and one of Baltic origin but with congregations around the world.  At present there are one church with observer status.

Structurally the Porvoo Communion is a network. A contact group with one representative from each church and two chairpersons, meets every year to share information and plan further work.

Information on the churches

The Porvoo churches are a diverse group. Some are large, national churches, others are minority churches. Some have large resources, others little. In some of the central offices there are staff coordinators for church work but in other offices this is done in the dioceses or on other administrative levels.

You can find information on the different churches on their websites. The links above list the websites and some contacts for each church.

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