Theological Conferences

Porvoo Theological conferences are held every four years. The Porvoo Common Statement reminds the churches of their common calling to mission and service; in pursuit of that calling, the churches are committed to common theological consultation.  The first Theological Conference was held in Durham, England, in September 2000 and, as one of its recommendations, encouraged specific initiatives to “offer theological tools … to address diversity in the local context”.  The Skálholt Consultation 2004 met in fulfilment of these purposes. The third conference took up a challenge from the Church Leaders’ Consultation in Cardiff of Living together with differences exploring questions of ethics and communion. The fourth conference focused on the sacraments in the mission of the church and was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012.

“Diversity in communion” . Theological conference, Durham, England, 8 – 13 September 2000

“Tools for discipleship” – the second Porvoo Theological Conference, Skálholt, Iceland, October 2004.

“Ethics and Communion – Living together with differences.” London, England, January 22 – 25 2008

“The sacraments in the mission of the church”. Copenhagen, Denmark, October 8 – 11 2012.

The Spirit of God in the Life of the World – What is the Spirit saying to the Churches? Riga, Latvia, 19-22 October 2016

’A Vision for Communion’ On-line Theological Conference, 8th October 2020