The LELCA a new observer in Porvoo

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A service in the LELCA

The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad was given an observer status in the Porvoo Communion during a meeting of the Porvoo Contact Group in Madrid, October 4 – 7 2010.

The Most Revd Elmārs Ernsts Rosītis, archbishop of the LELCA represented his church at the meeting, having been invited to the meeting as a guest, before decision was reached.

The church was closely involved in the making of the Porvoo Agreement where the representative of the Latvian Lutheran Church was the Dean of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain.

This brings the number of churches with an observer status in the Communion to three. The other two churches are The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia which has had an observer status from the signing of Porvoo and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain, which became an Observer in March 2010.

The picture is from the website of a member church of the LELCA in Britain.

New observer in the Porvoo Communion

A service in a church of the LCiGB.

“Two new churches are present at the Porvoo Contact Group meeting taking place in Madrid, October 4 – 7 2010. These are the Lutheran Church in Great Britain and the Latvian Church Abroad.”

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The Church of Denmark signs the Porvoo Agreement

Mrs Hanna Broadbridge, Bishop Karsten Nissen of Viborg Diocese (signing) and Jørgen Skov Sørensen, the General Secretary of the Council on International Relations.

“The Church of Denmark today became a full member of the Porvoo Communion when representatives of the church signed the Porvoo Agreement in Copenhagen Cathedral.”

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