Prayer Diary 2015

The Porvoo Declaration commits the churches which have signed it ‘to share a common life’ and ‘to pray for and with one another’. An important way of doing this is to pray through the year for the Porvoo churches and their Dioceses. The Prayer Diary 2015 can now be downloaded here. Feel free to share it widely!

Prayer Cycle Oct 19

This week we pray for the Diocese of Truro Church of England) Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop Chris Goldsmith, the Diocese of Tönsberg (Church of Norway) Bishop Per Arne Dahl and for the

Diocese of Strängnäs (Church of Sweden) Bishop Hans-Erik Nordin

Prayer Cycle Oct 12

This week we pray for the Diocese of Liverpool (Church of England) Bishop Richard Blackburn, the Diocese of Monmouth (Church in Wales) Bishop Richard Pain and for the Diocese of Haderslev (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark) Bishop Marianne Christiansen