Prayer Cycle March 29

 This week we pray for the Diocese of Lund (Church of Sweden) Bishop Johan Tyrberg, the Diocese of Cashel, Ossory and Ferns (Church of Ireland) Bishop Michael Burrows and the Diocese of Ely (Church of England) Bishop Stephen Conway, Bishop David Thomson

Prayer Cycle March 22

This week we pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia: Archbishop Janis Vanags, Bishop Einars Alpe, Bishop Pavils Bruvers, the Diocese of Lichfield (Church of England) Bishop Jonathan Gledhill, Bishop Mark Rylands, Bishop Geoff Annas, Bishop Clive Gregory and the Diocese of St David’s (Church in Wales) Bishop Wyn Evans

Prayer Cycle March 15

This week we pray for the Diocese of Chelmsford (Church of England) Bishop Stephen Cottrell, Bishop John Wraw, Bishop Roger Morris, Bishop Peter Hill and the Diocese of Karlstad (Church of Sweden) Bishop Esbjorn Hagberg

Prayer Cycle March 8

This week we pray for the Diocese of Canterbury (Church of England) Archbishop Justin Welby, Bishop Trevor Willmott and the Diocese of Down and Dromore (Church of Ireland) Bishop Harold Miller

Prayer Cycle March 1

This week we pray for the Diocese of Peterborough (Church of England) Bishop Donald Allister, Bishop John Holbrook and the Diocese of Meath and Kildare (Church of Ireland) Bishop Pat Storey