Towards Closer Unity: Communion of the Porvoo Churches 20 Years

Towards Closer Unity: Communion of the Porvoo Churches 20 Years
Ed.  Beate Fagerli, Leslie Nathaniel and Tomi Karttunen (2016)

porvoo_20_years_-kansi_nettiinThe publication was published in the fifth theological conference in Riga 19.-22.10.2016 to mark the 20 year anniversary of the Porvoo Common Statement of the Porvoo Communion of Churches. The publication includes articles, speeches and communiques from the theological conferences.

“The contributions in this book are intended to harvest some of the theologically and ecumenically insightful perspectives, which the Porvoo Common Statement and our joint Christian and theological traditions today provides for the churches and for the world in Northern Europe and beyond. We are grateful for the commitment and wisdom of the authors.

Our hope is that this antology will make the work done more visible in various contexts from grass roots level to academic discussions and research. We have deliberately wanted to be open also for the global and wider ecumenical perspective in the consultations at the same time as we have aimed to learn more about our Anglican and Lutheran heritage which also provide the energy of difference and the elasticity of diversity.”

Prayer Cycle April 10

This week we pray for the Diocese of Uppsala (Church of Sweden), Archbishop Antje Jackelén, Bishop Ragnar Persenius
and for the Diocese of Llandaff (Church in Wales) Archbishop Barry Morgan, Bishop David Wilbourne

Prayer Cycle April 4

This week we pray for the Diocese of Armagh (Church of Ireland) Archbishop Richard Clarke and the Diocese of Funen (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark) Bishop Tine Lindhardt

Prayer Cycle March 27

This week we pray for the Diocese of Lund (Church of Sweden) Bishop Johan Tyrberg, the Diocese of Cashel, Ossory and Ferns (Church of Ireland) Bishop Michael Burrows
and the Diocese of Ely (Church of England) Bishop Stephen Conway, Bishop David Thomson

Prayer Cycle March 20

This week we pray for Archbishop Janis Vanags, Bishop Einars Alpe, Bishop Pavils Bruvers (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia), the Diocese of Lichfield (Church of England) Bishop Mark Rylands, Bishop Geoff Annas, Bishop Clive Gregory and the Diocese of St David’s (Church in Wales) Bishop Wyn Evans

Prayer Cycle March 6

This week we pray for the Diocese of Canterbury (Church of England) Archbishop Justin Welby, Bishop Trevor Willmott and the
Diocese of Down and Dromore (Church of Ireland) Bishop Harold Miller

Prayer Cycle Feb 28

This week we pray for the Diocese of Peterborough (Church of England) Bishop Donald Allister, Bishop John Holbrook and the
Diocese of Meath and Kildare (Church of Ireland) Bishop Pat Storey

Prayer Cycle January 17

This week we pray for the Diocese of Oulu (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland) Bishop Samuel Salmi
the Diocese of Soer-Hålogaland (Church of Norway) Bishop Tor Berger Joergensen
and the Diocese of Coventry (Church of England) Bishop Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop John Stroyan.

Prayer Cycle January 10

This week we pray for the Diocese of London (Church of England) Bishop Richard Chartres, Bishop Adrian Newman, Bishop Graham Tomlin, Bishop Pete Broadbent, Bishop Rob Wickham, Bishop Jonathan Baker, Bishop Ric Thorpe
and the
Diocese of Nidaros/ New see and Trondheim (Church of Norway) Presiding Bishop Helga Haugland Byfuglien, Bishop Tor Singsaas

Prayer Cycle January 3

This week we pray for the Diocese of Chichester Church of England): Bishop Martin Warner, Bishop Mark Sowerby, Bishop Richard Jackson and the Diocese of Mikkeli(Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland): Bishop Seppo Häkkinen