“A Vision for Communion” On-line Theological Conference, 8th October 2020

Porvoo Communion Theological Conference: ’A Vision for Communion’, 8th October 2020

Representatives of the Churches of the Porvoo Communion participated in an on-line theological conference on Thursday 8th October

The theological conference,with the title ‘A Vision for Communion’, was originally planned to take place at Sigtuna, Sweden, but it was agreed in the summer to make it an on-line event because of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. Participants joined from three different time zones across Europe, while one early riser from the USA also participated. It was divided into four sessions, combining two presentations in each session with group discussions and plenary feedback.

‘A Vision for Communion’ looked back to the theological vision behind the signing of the Porvoo Declaration in 1996, reviewed how that vision for had been lived out subsequently in the Porvoo Communion of Churches, and considered current challenges and resources for addressing them.

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The conference received the following presentations:

– Mary Tanner – The Original Vision of the Porvoo Communion (https://porvoocommunion.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/13/2021/01/Mary-Tanner-The-Original-Vision-of-the-Porvoo-Communion-final-revision-3.pdf)

Rev. Anne Burghardt – Living Communion over 25 Years: How Full? How Visible? ( Burghardt-presentation081020 )

– Revd Dr Patrick McGlinchey – EMERGING CHALLENGES FOR OUR COMMUNION ( Emerging-Challenges-for-our-Communion-Revd-Dr-Patrick-McGlinchey )

– Prof. Dr. Henrietta Grönlund – Planetary urbanization and changing religious landscapes – shaping the world and the work of churches (Grönlund Porvoo Communion 2020)

– Most Rev. Dr. Michael Jackson – LOOKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE: PORVOO TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ON (09.10.20.porvooconsultation.paper)

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